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11 Day Online Nutrition Challenge

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*Learn 11 Common Nutrition Myths and how to AVOID them using my Eat Inspired Today Tips for better health! *

You Worth are the Investment

Challenge groups are a terrific way to receive knowledgeable nutrition advice, accountability and support to reach your goals and jump-start your health.

11 Day Online Supported Nutrition Challenge:

Pre-Sale $39.99 before August 1 midnight PT

Regular Challenge Group $49.99 after August 1 midnight PT

With a Friend/Couples $75.00 before August 2 midnight PT

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Are you ready to debunk these common nutrition pitfalls and establish healthy habits as part of a balanced approach that we can afford AND live with in the long-run?

About Nutrition Myths:

Welcome! There are lots of fitness and nutrition myths out there and many are founded on a kernel of truth. This 11 day supported online program will help you to sort the science from the hype and create lasting healthy habits. Are you ready to start eating healthier but just aren’t sure where to start?

*Our 11 Day Nutrition Myth Challenge accelerates your knowledge and power to make healthy lasting choices starting on Day 1! *

This efficient science-based program gives you daily challenges, simple recipes, healthy inspiration and a practical way to get out of your rut, shed cravings and get in the habit of eating better.

JOIN IN! **Our next 11-Day Challenge Group runs from:

Tuesday, August 5 – Friday, August 15th**

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Challenge Group Pricing

• Once you’ve registered, please let me know by commenting below, so that I can add you to our private closed challenge group on Facebook. • Be sure to sign up for our Healthy Inspiration emails to get your Jump Start guide. Looking forward to having you with us! I’m Ready to Join

8 Powerful Reasons to Join the Nutrition Myths Challenge:

  1. Jump-start your health and skip the mistakes - Dispel the myths and trust that you are building lasting healthy habits.

  2. Ensure that you feel your best every day - Stay energized throughout the day and sleep better at night.

  3. Receive certified nutrition support for a fraction of the cost – group challenges make the investment incredibly affordable at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

  4. Act as a healthy role model for your children and loved ones - The best way to create lasting change is to model the behaviors we wish to see in others.

  5. Reduce the need to detox - The best way to help your body get the toxins OUT is to put fewer toxins in.

  6. Help control your weight- A daily lifestyle high in fresh, whole foods and fiber is satisfying and naturally results in eating fewer calories.

  7. Reduce your risk of chronic diseases - A balanced eating lifestyle can reduce your risk of the top three leading causes of death in the US- heart disease, cancer and stroke, as well as diabetes and obesity.

  8. Ditch the eating labels, food shame and guilt - Begin the journey to learning sustainable healthy habits and forego the judgment.

I’m Ready to Join

Challenge Group Pricing

What to Expect:

We’ll be setting attainable goals for ourselves such as:

• Succeed with my clear meal plan

• Eat well with Simple, nourishing recipes (plenty provided)

• Follow each daily nutrition challenge

• Check in with our private closed Facebook Group daily

• Learn step-by-step ways to include more fruits and vegetables

• Substitute and upgrade to optimize our daily food choices

• Reduce cravings and learn healthy swaps

• Improve nutrient absorption and digestion

• Receive positive support, encouragement and inspiration from the group

Challenge Group Pricing

Ready for More?

Check in with us on Instagram (tag us to make sure we see it! @LiveInspiredToday) and Facebook to let us know you’ve joined, to find more healthy inspiration and to let us know how it’s going and what you love about the Challenge.

It’s always more fun with friends! We absolutely encourage you to invite a friend or family member (all ages welcome!) to do the challenge with you. Use the share tools below to spread the word! Or tag your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

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