Studio M 2012 Headshots 002 (533x800)
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Clea’s fascination with capturing the unnoticed surroundings of our everyday lives began when she was a child.

Exploring the familiar context of our daily lives, she employs the great outdoors as her studio, illuminating the extraordinary amidst the ordinary.

Clea enjoys photographing the natural, industrial and urban personalities that combine to create our cities.

Clea’s images are captivating and yet leave something to the imagination – to tempt your senses and to awaken your curiosity.

Clea received her education from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering, Product Design and Studio Art.

“I like to believe that these disparate interests fuse with my creative inclinations to result in my artwork. Like the intersection of my seemingly contradictory interests, my work explores colors, textures, biomimicry (the patterns and design elements common throughout all life), the exploitation of familiar subjects to a point where they become unrecognizable and the playful combination of industrial and natural.”

Clea’s combination of original photographs, hardwood, paint, encaustic techniques and text create a uniquely inspired, lasting, tangible, piece of photographic artwork.

Currently  a resident of San Diego, California, Clea continues to explore the world through her lens, including locales such as Japan, Italy, the Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Colorado.

“Each moment I allow for the inherent perfection and delightful imperfections to shine through as the focal points for my pieces. I hope my work intrigues you and encourages you to take a closer look. I Invite You To Enjoy and Be Inspired!”


“Clea has a talent for recognizing the familiar graphic elements yet photographing these in a striking and unique way.”

Tate, gallery owner


Emille, client

“Inspiring and beautiful.”

Nickole, client

“Anyone who has spent time in San Diego will relish her gift for gathering timeless and elegant images of our city and its details.”

George, owner

“Clea’s pieces add a sophisticated and local edge to our interior design.”

Gabriella, GSA gallery boutique

“Absolutely extraordinary! When we commissioned your pieces we found not only an artist but someone who was able to make real the images we had only imagined. Thank you, Clea!”

Vanessa and Peter, clients