“Clea’s passion and connection shine through in her deep connection with her students. Her skilled adjustments and inspired cueing encourage all levels to achieve their goals and to advance within their practice.”

Melissa, student and instructor

“Clea is an amazing instructor.  She has an incredible gift of being able to challenge, motivate and nurture at the same time.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have trained with her and highly recommend her services to anyone!”

Diana, Student and Parent

“Clea's technical understanding of Asana is matched by her authentic personality and passion for Yoga. Through her calming voice and skilled use of adjustments she creates room for a deeper, more meaningful practice. She has helped me tremendously in my practice!”

Brad, Student

“Clea's ability to relate to yoga practitioners of all walks of life makes her a superb instructor.  Her knowledge of yoga poses and adjustments is readily passed along to all students.  Her guidance has helped me to learn more about myself as a student of yoga.”

Marit, Student

“Clea shares tools that empower our children to thrive and to remain balanced in our busy world.”

Dan, Parent

“We cannot thank you (Clea) enough for sharing your expertise with our students. It was very impressive to see the change in their ability to do the poses and, more importantly, to focus and concentrate...Every morning before the (standardized) test we did our stretches and breathing. The positive change in the classroom environment was calmly energizing.”

Linda, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I am so grateful for Clea’s presence. This was a wonderful experience for our students and teachers. She is an inspiration!”

Sarah, Parent Teacher Association

“Yoga helps me feel beautiful and happy.”

Maya, Student, age 8

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the first day, my son came home and immediately shared what he’d learned from Clea in yoga. We’ve really seen a difference in his attitude and ability to focus.”

Michelle, Parent

“It just feels GOOD!!!”

Carlos, Student, age 11