Clea Shannon is a Board Certified Wellness Coach (AADP), Founder of Live Inspired Today, a web-based wellness company and the creator of Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ recipes and life-changing wellness advice on her award-winning blog

Clea is a shining example of someone who is thriving with an auto immune disease. As an International Wellness Coach and successful entrepreneur, Clea has turned her own health crisis into a personal and professional triumph. It was her journey to health that compelled Clea to help others navigate their own health issues and turn these challenges into powerful, life-changing opportunities. Her experiences shaped Clea’s philosophy that it’s never too late to switch paths or change directions and that small, consistent changes create big, lasting results.

As a graduate of Stanford University, Clea went on to become a Senior Product Designer for NIKE, Nissan and branding powerhouse, Ziba Design.  While collaborating with such diverse client companies as FedEx, Whirlpool and KitchenAid, Clea identified strategic opportunities and created powerful solutions with lasting, high-impact benefits. As a collegiate athlete on the Stanford women’s lacrosse team, Clea experienced the powerful benefits of regular exercise and the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on optimal performance.

Her professional turning point came when Clea’s own health diagnosis required that she make profound changes to her diet and lifestyle. Empowered by her transformation, Clea shifted gears to run a thriving yoga studio well-known for its dynamic classes and transformative workshops. She became well-known for establishing deep connections with her clients and for her ability to help them achieve their goals and ultimately change the trajectory of their health.

Hungry for more, Clea studied with leading experts in nutrition and wellness at the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City. Her life’s work was founded on her deep passion for helping people transform their lives through nutrition and daily lifestyle changes. Today she applies these tools and experiences towards her wellness coaching, collaborating with highly successful individuals, professional athletes and corporate leaders from around the world to achieve their personal goals, feel their best and perform at their highest potential.

Clea specializes in designing a Personalized Wellness Program tailored to your specifics needs to support positive changes in your body, mind and spirit and to resolve chronic health issues. Instead of quick fixes, Clea offers clients a wellness lifestyle based on her customized blend of adaptive fitness, functional nutrition and inspirational leadership.Clea’s unique tools have helped her clients to achieve their goals, including weight loss, immune system support, optimal performance and beauty from the inside out. By establishing daily rituals and providing step-by-step instructions for Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ meals, Clea successfully creates an achievable lifestyle in which ANYONE can Live Inspired Today and every day.

Clea is recognized nationally as a Health Coach Advocate for Celiac Disease and an Ambassador for IIN. In 2012, Clea received the prestigious Health Leadership Award. She is regularly featured on radio, television and webinar programs and enjoys speaking to women's groups nationwide. She shares her step-by-step tips for making “hip, simple, fabulous” meals in minutes and establishing daily rituals during her engaging, high-energy workshops. In addition, recipes for Clea’s Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ dishes are frequently published in magazines such as Edible and Dining Out.

Clea is passionate about motherhood, writing Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ articles, cooking with her family, practicing yoga, growing edibles in her garden, traveling, and coaching. A Colorado native, she now lives in San Diego, California, with her daughter. Learn more about Clea and her unique approach to supporting you to achieve your goals. Visit Clea can always be reached at: