“The pressure is onYou feel it But you've got it all Believe it When you fall get up, Oh oh... And if you fall get up, Oh oh...” Waka Waka, Shakira

As my feet tumble down the trail I am often listening not to the chirping of the birds or the whispers of the wind as I run – but to my Ipod.

Yesterday I actually spotted a runner without one. It seemed quite out of the ordinary!

It is true that at times I pause my Playlist, leave my earbuds in and simply run.

I look forward to my runs – space, time, freedom, sometimes silence, but always peace.

During this time my active mind shuts down. Past the fifteen minute mark my runs become a moving meditation.

I especially look forward to my run when I have a new playlist. This soundtrack for my runs becomes my mantra.


  1. an often repeated expression or idea: an expression or idea that is repeated, often without thinking about it, and closely associated with something
  2. a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation”
  3. a sacred word, chant, or sound that is repeated during meditation to facilitate spiritual power and transformation of consciousness

 “Everybody everybody wants to love, everybody everybody wants to be loved.

Love love love, love love love.” Ingrid Michaelson, Everybody

 The songs on my playlists have rapidly become my running mantras. The rhythm inspires my heart and feet to match their cadence, synchronizing to their beats per minute. 

A few months ago, while running to an Eminem song, I grew increasingly uncomfortable. While I enjoyed the catchy rhythm, I felt the incessant mantra of “I Love the Way You Lie” beating through me. I realized that these lyrics that I allow to repeat through my mind were capable of setting the tone - a surreptitious undercurrent to my runs. Subliminal messages. The lyrics flow through “creating transformations” in my mind, my attitude, my spirit.  

My runs are filled to overflowing with emptiness, an ability to set my own graceful pace, a startling clarity, a lack of rush.

My open mind is vulnerable in this space – open and receptive. During this time of space, opportunity, freedom, I’d prefer to mindfully choose songs - Music that matches not only my ideal beats per minute. Music that surrounds and uplifts me with its empowering mantra of lyrics.

Ever since, I’ve poured over my playlists, mindfully selecting songs, listening to lyrics and on occasion, choosing to ignore a few.

Refrain from judgment.

When I run I enjoy a steady, powerful beat and uplifting lyrics. Nothing angry, overly complicated or even particularly sophisticated. Simple as that. We all have those songs – the ones that shift us into high gear, keep us going, encourage us to kick it up a notch.

Perhaps you’ll find a few on my playlist that you enjoy. And I hope you’ll recommend a few of your very own favorites.


Me Against The Music, Glee Cast           

Club Can’t Handle Me, Flo Rida

My First Kiss, Ke$ha and 3OH!3

Only Girl, Rihanna

Waka Waka, Shakira

Gonna Get Over You, Sara Bareilles

Something That I Want, Grace Potter

Atlas, Fanfarlo

Summer Nights, Van Halen

Tik Tok, Chuck Buckett’s Veruca Salt, Ke$ha

Lose Control, Missy Elliott feat. Ciara and Fat Man Scoop

This Love, C. Tricky Stewart remix, Maroon 5

Everybody, Ingrid Michaelson

Your Love is My Drug, Ke$ha

Supermassive Black Hole, Muse

Beautiful Day, U2

Don’t Stop Believin’, Glee Cast

Spotlight, Mutemath

Unwritten, Natasha Beddingfield, Abercrombie & Fitch version

Beautiful, Peter Rauhofer version, Christina Aguilera

Since U Been Gone, Jason Nevins version, Kelly Clarkson

Bust a Move, Glee Cast

Hold It Against Me, Britney Spears

Ours, The Bravery

You Are The One, Shiny Toy Guns

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme, Nerf Herder (1:05 to crank it up that last minute!)