Eat Inspired This Memorial Day Weekend

How do we celebrate  while taking care of ourselves? When we are practicing healthy eating habits and eating well sometimes family gatherings, celebrations, holidays and BBQs can leave us in a panic. We've worked hard to create a regular routine that allows us to Eat Inspired. How do we continue to do this

Do you have gatherings planned for this Memorial Day Weekend (MDW)?

Instead of celebrating are you worried because you are Gluten Free, on the Recipe for Whole Health plan or have other food allergies/sensitivities?  We can ENJOY these social gatherings without fear and discomfort!

The Eat Inspired Tip for this MDW holiday  - change your train of thought.

Gluten Free is an adaptive diet – let’s get creative, playful, flexible and adapt!

We used to go to these gatherings thinking "Yum! What food will be there!".  We're shifting our focus. NOW we need to think "Can't wait to hang out with my friends and share time with my family!".

Let's make this a successful, healthy MDW. With these tips you won't need to cheat and feel bloated and uncomfortable after the event!

Secrets to EAT INSPIRED at your holiday gatherings:

The choice is ours - Stick to the “naked” food options.

Offer to help - Bring your own Gluten Free option to share (Champagne Tomato Basil Salad is a GREAT and simple recipe)

Everyone loves dessert - Bring a batch of Gluten Free Brownies or Cookies - French Meadow Bakery makes pre-made frozen cookie and brownie dough – find them in the frozen section at Whole Foods Market!

Think in Season - Farmer's Markets have loads of delicious, fresh, local and seasonal fruits. Bring a basket to share with friends and family. No one can resist these sweet treats!

Cheers - If you’re drinking beer....bring your Gluten Free brand, have it at the BBQ and savor it!

Plan ahead - don't go to the event hungry!  Have a healthy Gluten Free snack before you go so you don't feel the need to cheat.


You don't have to make a big deal of what you are up to. Feel free to share with those your trust. But everyone doesn't need to know.  Instead BE at the gathering. ENJOY time with friends and family. Let this be your focus. Do what is best for your body!

Have an amazing and very healthy MDW holiday weekend!  EAT INSPIRED!

In Health,