Toovaloo Gluten Free Tortilla Review

Try saying that 10 times fast! I had the pleasure to meet with Marka Haack, founder of Toovaloo, a San Diego-based Gluten Free company this week. Their mission is to “bring paradise back” with delicious, nutritious gluten, dairy and soy free foods. It’s always a pleasure to meet with another passionate proponent of the power of nutrition and food to create and maintain health.

We had the opportunity to sample Toovaloo’s Amaranth Flax Tortillas this past week. We enjoyed them so much that you’ll find them included in our Taco Tuesday recipe.

I have to admit that even with my experience with grains and love for experimentation I was a bit skeptical. What would an Amaranth Flax tortilla taste like? The answer was surprisingly delicious!

We made tacos and served traditional corn and Toovaloo Amaranth Flax Tortillas. We ALL enjoyed the Toovaloo brand - including one discriminating child!

What we loved: First of all, the package conveniently recommends that you warm the tortillas in the toaster or microwave. Brilliant! The tortillas were warm and just slightly crisp after a light toasting. The corn tortillas, however, were too crispy after toasting and cracked.

One of the pitfalls of using corn tortillas is that they often crack, crumble and fall apart quite easily. I was thrilled to find that the Toovaloo tortillas stood up to even a generous helping of taco fixings. These tortillas offer a solid canvas for building tacos with great light-but-still-present texture. The Toovaloo tortillas rolled nicely and held up for the entire meal. They have a texture reminiscent of a blended corn and flour tortilla, smooth, not coarse or grainy.

As for taste, the amaranth and flax meal lend a very subtle nutty note to these tortillas that paired quite well with the spice of the jalapenos and guacamole. These gluten free whole grain ingredients also pack each tortilla with healthy omegas and fiber. Toovaloo tortillas are a simple way to introduce some of these nourishing, alternative whole grains into your daily meals.

Immediately we started to devise other ways to use these tortillas. We’ve been using Toovaloo tortillas for lunch wraps and breakfast egg tacos. They’re swiftly becoming a go-to ingredient in our kitchen!

It's worth noting that for those who are counting calories or watching nutritional information, you will notice that the Toovaloo tortillas have a bit of added carbohydrates and slightly higher calories than a traditional corn tortilla. The bonus may be worth it - added fiber and omegas from these gluten free whole grains. Just keep in mind your portion sizes!

We’re looking forward to seeing Toovaloo’s tortillas as a gluten free option in local restaurants in the near future. Interested in trying Toovaloo products for yourself? Find store locations and online purchasing information here.

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