Why be ordinary? Live extraordinary!

Today has been an inspiring and empowering day for me. In retrospect the past few weeks have been a steady flow of amazing opportunities, serendipitous connections and spontaneous sparks! What an incredible experience to feel embraced by the flow of the universe responding to my path and my passion.

And all because I spoke those faithful words: "I am Ready!"

Now it's YOUR turn! I want to share a few of my favorite resources - near and far - for abundance, health and well-being. ENJOY!

Are you waiting for a miracle? Look no further! Gabrielle Bernstein shows you how to create a mindset for allowing the miracles to happen - NOW. Check out her new book Spirit Junkie and get ready for more -ing in your life:-)

I am so thrilled by this mother-daughter collaboration - Believe In She. Find out more about their mission to create happier, healthier mother-daughter relationships through yoga, journaling and intention setting here. A BIG thanks to Gerhard and Alexandra Gessner for making me aware of this amazing resource. Their studio, Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA, will be hosting a Believe In She series this Fall.

Looking for delicious, healthy, gluten-free food on the go? A fresh-baked gluten-free treat from Bake My Day? A locally farmed organic raw juice pick-me-up? A healing ayurvedic remedy packaged with love from Dancing Plums by Laura Plumb?

South Park residents look no further than our new corner store. That's right, all of these delicious, nutritious eats are now available at Urban Gourmet Market and Deli. This lovely corner store is an oasis after a long school day or the perfect yoga class. Friend them here on Facebook for updates. Amanda Dewitt welcomed us and walked us through some of her favorite gluten-free offerings. We're in love with the Maha Shakti Detox Protein Mix with its subtle chocolate flavor and power-packed nutrients.

Success in mind, body, spirit and yes, pocket! ForbesWoman tells the straight truth about women, business and yes, making your life's calling Boost Your Bottom Line.

I am overflowing with gratitude for all of the wonderful people and incredible opportunities appearing in my own life these days.

Let's move forward with a spirit of inspiration, motivation and collaboration.

Are YOU ready for it? Pssst...It's all already on its way!

Today's Gratitude: This morning I recorded an amazing gluten-free radio show segment with Susan Ward from Weight Matters. Stay tuned for details on the date and time for upcoming airing of the show.

We'll be airing this weekend, just in time for this weekend's 34th Annual Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) conference at Bahia Resort. Let me know if you're stopping by for the Gluten-Free Vendor event or email me for details!

In Health & Gratitude,