Fall Back Into Health

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning and our bodies are responding to these subtle seasonal changes. With only eleven weeks remaining in 2011, this is the right time to make powerful positive changes in our daily habits.

This week, as we celebrate National Food Day on October 24, let's focus our efforts of simple, meaningful choices that we make around our food.

I am so grateful be partnering with Dr. Joe and Stacey Merlo DC, the amazing folks behind Good Vibrations Chiropractic and their wellness team to share these Eat Inspired Today tips to help each of us Fall Back Into Health. I am honored to be a  part the Good Vibrations community myself and their exceptional chiropractic health experience.

I invite you to join our Facebook community and join in the discussion about simple ways we can transform our daily choices into tools to Live Inspired Today. Share your experiences, tips, A-Ha moments and challenges with other like-minded folks and let's help each other Fall Back Into Health.

In Health & Gratitude,

Ready to Fall Back Into Health? Let's celebrate our food and ourselves with these 7 simple tips to Eat Inspired Today and every day!

What we feed ourselves is more than simply fuel. Our food is a reflection of how we choose to live our lives and treat ourselves each and every day. When we are mindful with what we put into our body our body rewards us with good health, radiant skin, abundant energy and consistent moods.

There are many ways that we choose to feed ourselves. When we take time for our food we are making ourselves a priority. When we celebrate, enjoy and gather together over food, we create a sense of community and feed not only our body but also our mind and spirit. We would not expect our car to perform well on cheap gas. Too often we expect our body to perform well on low-grade foods.

Let's celebrate our food & our health with these tips to Eat Inspired Today:

  1. Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods. Each day include a diverse variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Our body responds to meals built around real, whole foods instead of processed or fast foods. Replace white rice with brown or wild rice or alternative grains such as quinoa.

  2. Drink more water. Hydrating throughout the day sustains our overall health as well as improving our skin, balancing our moods and satisfying our hunger. Buying a PBA-free re-usable water bottle that we love encourages us to drink more water.

  3. Eat regular meals. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger, often resulting in overeating. When we're very hungry, it's tempting to forget about good nutrition choices. Including small healthy snacks between meals may help us to stay on track.

  4. Adapt, rather than restrict foods. Eating is a pleasurable activity. When our favorite foods are high in fat, salt or sugar, the key is moderating how much of these foods we eat and how often we eat them. Allowing ourselves treats in moderation prevents us from feeling deprived or guilty when we cheat.

  5. Read labels. Build awareness around what we are putting into our body.  The shorter the ingredient list, the more real, whole foods we are getting. Skip food with lengthy ingredient lists or ingredients that we cannot pronounce or define.

  6. Balance food choices over time. Choose foods that complement one another over the course of an entire day. If we choose a food high in fat, salt, sugar or carbs for one meal, choose foods that are low in these ingredients for the next meal. This way our food choices over several meals will fit together into a healthy, well-balanced pattern.

  7. Make changes gradually. Small changes on a consistent basis lead to success. For example, if we want to reduce the amount of coffee we drink, slowly shifting to decaf or tea. If we are shifting from white rice to nutrient-rich brown rice, mixing the two and gradually substituting brown rice will help to ease the transition. Our palette will adjust to these changes over time.

I invite you to join our community and share your experiences, challenges, tips, A-Ha moments and daily inspirations...let's Fall Back Into Health, together!

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