Eat Inspired Today Tip - Are You Preparing for Health?


Thanksgiving is only a few days away...we're each of us busy prepping in our own way.

Holidays are meant to be shared, especially Thanksgiving, with family and friends. Whether we're gathered around around the table or as often happens, in the kitchen, we all want the focus of this holiday to be time TOGETHER.


I want to make it easy for you - to ENJOY the season and to prepare your holiday feasts with your family's health in mind.

Over the next few days I'll be sharing a series of EAT Inspired Today Tips - to keep our families healthy, vibrant and safe through the holidays and well into the New Year. It's simple, just follow these simple tips as you shop, cook and eat together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat Inspired Today Tip - Preparing Our Foods Wisely

Choose Pots and Pans That Limit Our Chemical Exposure

Many of us use non-stick cookware to prepare our meals. Is it the safest choice? Probably not.

If you can, invest in 1 great pan in either cast iron or stainless steel. has many options to fit practically every budget. You will taste the difference in your foods while reducing your exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

*Remember when cooking with a traditional surface, such as cast iron, stainless steel or oven-safe glass, lightly oil and heat the pan BEFORE adding foods to prevent unnecessary sticking and difficult clean-up.

Excellent SAFE Choices include:

Cast Iron

Stainless Steel

Oven-Safe Glass

Cook Wisely with Non-Stick Surfaces

If we must cook with a non-stick surface, we can reduce the possibility of fumes and other chemical exposure by following these tips:

Never heat an empty pan

Never heat higher than 500 degrees F

Always use an exhaust fan over the stove

Check Your Utensils

Many modern cooking utensils now use non-stick coatings or temperature resistant plastics. Keep it simple! Select kitchen tools made from stainless steel.

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