What We Eat






Do you believe that we are what we eat?

I do!


Even more so as of late I have been reminded that we BECOME what we consume. This holds true for all that we consume - whether that is the food we ingest, the music and news we listen to or the relationships and emotions we expose ourselves to...

The quality of our food, water and exercise directly affects the health of our body and mind.

The same is true for the quality of energy and information that we choose to consume. We absorb the characteristics of these substances through our sensory organs and into our minds, in turn influencing both our body and our spirit.

I am taking a hiatus from news and talk radio. I am carefully curating what I choose to absorb via podcast and article. I'm swapping angry running music with encouraging, lively tunes. And I'm choosing to unsubscribe to friends' rants and daily negative outbursts on Facebook. I feel while it is completely valid to share on occasion, energy and emotion can be contagious and I prefer to surround myself with the positive.

How would you like to feel in 2012?

What will you choose to feed yourself today and in the days to come that will help to produce these kind of feelings and this type of energy?

Here's to an amazing year!

In Health,




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