What does it mean to be Whole?










What does it mean to be WHOLE?


As a certified holistic health coach, I often get asked this question. Recently, I've spent a whole lot of time working out what it means, exactly, for me to be and to feel whole.

In recent years, the word holistic has come to refer to everything from healthy living and organic food  to herbal supplements and Eastern healing practices. Needless to say, there's a bit of confusion around what exactly it means to be holistic and therefore whole.

There is a growing and evolving awareness around the value of holistic and whole living. So what does it mean?!

Holistic in its original sense, is defined as "emphasizing the importance of the whole" or  related to wholeness.

In respect to health and lifestyle wholeness refers to the UNION of mind, body, and spirit.

For those of us on the path to being whole this means that we are a complete system, not simply the sum of our countless moving parts.

In my recent post about What We Eat, we considered that everything we consume affects us on every level, as a holistic or complete system. When we are operating in a state of wholeness, each action we take and choice we make benefits us at EVERY level.

When we are WHOLE each aspect of our life, mind, body and spirit, is integrated and deeply interconnected with our purpose, our daily choices and our experiences.

When do I feel WHOLE? When I strike a dynamic balance between my work, my family and myself. For me this feels like many voices coming together to harmonize - it always feels and sounds a bit miraculous. Lately, what were only fleeting glimpses of feeling whole have expanded and grown from days into weeks and finally a strong, lasting sense of feeling whole, balanced, fluid and complete...and very, very grateful.

My own integrated wellness approach considers our life as a whole system. We  help you discover what you can do today to nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you can perform to your greatest potential tomorrow and throughout your lifetime.

What does it mean to YOU to feel WHOLE?

What can you do today to feel more WHOLE tomorrow?

You're off to a great start!




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