Why Wellness?

Wholeness is the interconnection between our mind, body and spirit.

WELLNESS may be considered the overall quality of the connection between our mind, body and spirit over the course of each day and throughout our lifetime.

Our mind, body and spirit are intricately interconnected. Wellness is the foundation for a healthy, thriving life. When we are able to care for ourselves on each level, mind, body and spirit, EVERY level of our life benefits.

Every individual will have their own unique definition of wellness and its purpose within their life.

- For me, wellness improves the quality of my daily life. I create a sense of wellness in my daily life by feeding myself fresh, whole foods, being active, making time to be quiet and to meditate, scheduling regular self-care and connecting with my family.

- For my daughter, her understanding of wellness means "doing things that help you stay well and live longer."

- For Cynthia, a cancer survivor says a daily wellness practice means "you don't die a little every day..."

- For Jennifer, wellness is "the foundation of everything in your life."

- For Cora Poage, " we are all Conduits of Love Light and Healing Grace. Our bodies are the instruments of our purpose and wellness keeps them clear, strong, and READY!!!"

- For Linda Nelson, wellness " will give you the energy, strength, and perseverance to exceed your highest goals and dreams!"

- For Alexander Dunlop, wellness is "a twinkle in the mind, a sparkle in the step, a warmth in the heart, a perfect bowel movement and a clear night's rest."

- For Deb,  "Wellness is the road to your future!"

- For Therese "Wellness is directly related to quality of life!"

A warm Thank You to each of my Institute for Integrative Nutrition friends who contributed their thoughts on wellness for this post!

What does wellness mean for YOU?

Research continues to study the intricate correlation between mind, body and spirit. Our expanding understanding offers insight into the VALUE of establishing daily practices that nurture our sense of integrated wellness and wholeness of mind, body AND spirit.

As a certified holistic health coach (CHHC), I am grateful to share my tools to empower my clients with lasting integrated wellness and a sense of whole health. I look forward to helping you discover what you can do today to nourish your mind, body and spirit so that YOU can perform to your greatest potential tomorrow and throughout your lifetime.

How will you nurture a SENSE OF WELLNESS in your daily life?

You're off to a great start!

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