What are you "hungry" for? How might you better feed that area of your life?

Many of us are finely tuned to the groans and grumbles our stomach makes when we are hungry for our next meal. Recently I have been reminded to tune back into the grumbles of hunger throughout my life...

When our body is hungry we feed it. When our heart and soul are hungry...sometimes the path feeling satiated is a little less clear.

What sounds does your soul make when it's hungry? How does you feel when you need something more in your life?

Just listen. Build an awareness around yourself. Slow down and allow yourself to hear it.

I feel antsy, squirmish, ready. I am hungry for focus. I am learning to refine my activities down to my priorities and to create a sense of quality and intention in EVERY thing that I do.

I feel connected and yet isolated. I am hungry for deeply connected community - a collection of intimate friends who challenge, support and inspire me and for whom I can offer the same.

I am ready for 2012 to be an amazing year! How about YOU?

In Health and Happiness,

P.S. Warm hugs and BIG thanks to my dear friend and inspiring colleague Kathleen Graham for the inspiration for today's post. You can find more about Kathleen and SoulStylista here.

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