Playing the Odds







Not, Can't, Won't, Don't, Shouldn't...

We can spend our time worrying or we can allocate that time to doing, creating or sometimes simply being.

Wayne Gretzky is quoted as saying "We miss 100% of the shots we don't take."

Imagine yourself as a player on a Gretzky's team. Not so hard as many of us, at one time or another during the course of our lives, have played a sport or a simple pick-up game (even if it was NEVER ice hockey!).

Gretzky is the lead scorer. Any time the puck heads towards the goal, the instinct is to pass to Gretzky. Odds are, he'll make the shot.

Now have you ever coached a team? Or sat on the sidelines and watched as one player scores, again and again?

Even if that team wins, the effort often feels lopsided.

In each of our lives, there are shots worth taking...

The moment when we step up, push forward, knowing we CAN, we WILL, we ARE.

I recently met with a group graduates from my Nutrition School. Hearing of their successes, their wins, sharing in their enthusiasm reminded me of the feeling of exhilaration during games on my collegiate lacrosse team.

These folks took risks, made plenty of mistakes along the way and are now thriving...we even laughed about a few of the hiccups and speed bumps along.

Last week I spent the afternoon with a classroom of 5th graders practicing performance strategies. Their enthusiasm, risk-taking and willingness to try something took my breath away. There hands immediately shot up with times they'd wanted to do their best but in the end could have done better.

We spent the hour sharing successful role models and mentors, tips and tricks for laying the foundation for success and what it means to each of us to succeed.

MY FAVORITE MOMENT - After our second breathing exercise when the rowdy, Friday afternoon classroom felt like a different place. One spunky girl described this new feeling as "Calm," another "Soft and Floating." "You even got the boys to be quiet," one girl in the back row said sounding impressed.

Hands shot up again. This time with ideas. Each student contributed to a brainstorm on how these new tools - breathwork, visualization and affirmations, could help them prepare to be their best.

Exposing myself to these students' enthusiasm and the successes of my peers reminded me of 3 very important things:

Energy is powerful

Energy is transformable


Energy is contagious

Play the odds. Take the shot.

Caveat - It's a whole lot easier to take the shot with a team cheering you on instead of listening to news of failure rates, global economies and how hard and difficult things are these days...

Find your TEAM

Surround yourself with people who are thriving.

Find your community of folks who believe in YOU and YOUR dreams and goals.

Expose yourself to fresh, high-energy people and environments.

These are sure to JUMP START your own energy, fill your well and help you to share the same positive, high energy with those around you.

Where or with whom do YOU find your own high-energy, CAN-do community?

Next time you have the chance to step up and take a shot - what will YOU do?

Be well,




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