Hungry for a Fresh Start in 2012?


Are you Hungry for a Fresh Start in 2012?

This is the time for new beginnings! With the arrival of the New Year and spring feeling just around the corner, this is the perfect time to act on goals and intentions and to set a solid foundation for our health. Let’s take advantage of this clean slate to make a fresh start.

Over the next few days we'll set daily nutrition habits that will reward us with renewed energy, radiance and optimal health.

That's right! This week we'll take a look at 6 simple ways to boost our health and kick-start our new year by including vegetables in our day.

We have partnered with our friends (and amazing chiropractors), Dr. Joe and Stacey Merlo, D.C. who will be sharing these simple tips with their community at Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic all week-long. Stop in to their Kensington offices to learn more.

Making these healthy choices each day will move us toward our goal for the Year of the Dragon in 2012. Whether we want to drop unwanted pounds, boost our energy, defy our age or simply eat healthier, each day this week we'll learn a new quick, simple tip for including vegetables into our daily routine.

6 simple ways to boost our health and kick-start our New Year:

1. Get Green 

2. Get Inclusive

3. Get Colorful

4. Get a Drink

5. Get Local

6. Get Growing

Each day this week we'll focus on one of these simple tips for including vegetables into our day. We'll include solutions that work, even for those of us with families, picky eaters, super-busy schedules or as in my case, all of the above.

ENJOY your Monday and I'll see you back here tomorrow as we learn how to Get Green!

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Find these tips on healthy living and much more at the offices of Dr. Joe and Stacey Merlo, D.C., Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic, voted Best San Diego Chiropractor.

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