Feeding Ourselves in the Year of the Dragon Day 1

Feeding Ourselves in the Year of the Dragon

Meetings, appointments, work deadlines, errands, family obligations, trips to the gym...Our lives begin to look like one long To-Do List.

Busy, we fill our bellies with the quick, the easy, the convenient....Sound at all familiar? Has the Year of the Dragon already gotten away from you?!

Ever eaten something....on the drive home, in the kitchen standing up, on the way to pick the kids up from school...in a whirlwind barely tasting or enjoying, inhaling the food, only later thinking "why did I just eat that?!"

Whether our goal for the Year of the Dragon in 2012 is to drop unwanted pounds, boost our energy, defy our age or simply eat healthier, it's in our best interest to pause before we take that first bite.

That's right! {Insert PAUSE.}

Take advantage of that moment. The moment AFTER we have decided to eat something and BEFORE we actually eat it.

In that space between decision and action we have the opportunity to make a CHOICE.

If we ask ourselves these 4 simple, yet important, questions:

1. Am I hungry?

2. What will this food do for me?

3. How much can I eat?

4. What else will feed me?

Over the next 4 days we'll be diving into the details for each of these crucial questions.

I'll also explain how, as a certified holistic health coach, I support my clients in making these choices.

Looking forward to making loads of amazing, empowering choices in 2012! This is truly the year of achieving our goals, choosing our dreams and creating the life we've always wanted for ourselves.

Be well,

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