Feeding Ourselves in the Year of the Dragon Day 2





Welcome to day 2 in our series Feeding Ourselves in the Year of the Dragon. Yesterday we introduced 4 essential questions that we can ask ourselves BEFORE we eat.

Whether our goal for the Year of the Dragon in 2012 is to drop unwanted pounds, boost our energy, defy our age or simply eat healthier, it's in our best interest to pause before we take that first bite.

That's right! {Insert PAUSE.}

Take advantage of that moment. The moment AFTER we have decided to eat something and BEFORE we actually eat it.

In that space between decision and action we have the opportunity to make a CHOICE.

Each day this week we'll be diving into the details for each of these crucial questions: 1. Am I hungry?, 2. What will this food do for me?, 3. How much can I eat? and 4. What else will feed me?

I'll also explain how, as a certified holistic health coach, I support my clients in making these choices.

Today we'll focus on question #1. Am I hungry?


1. Am I hungry?

We've decided to eat something, so we must be hungry, right? Seems like a silly question, but many times we reach for food out of pure emotional response.

Food fills us in more ways than just one. The list of reasons is loooonng and varied.

We use food to soothe us -

Everything from boredom, the entire box of crackers while we waited for our son to get ready, to depression, drowning our sorrows in a pint of ice cream after that really tough break up.

We find food convenient -

Often food is simply there, conveniently ready and waiting on the counter for us (the box of donuts/bag of chips was already open!).

We gather around food and celebrate -

Other times we use foods to celebrate (insert special occasion, great score or good news here).

Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

So are we really hungry? Are we due for a snack or a meal (every 3-4 hours)? If not, what purpose is this food serving for us? What could we do instead to fill us?

Today, each time BEFORE we take a bite, let's ask ourselves, Am I hungry?

I'm looking forward to seeing you back here tomorrow to talk about Feeding Ourselves in the Year of the Dragon! This is truly the year of achieving our goals, choosing our dreams and creating the life we've always wanted for ourselves.

Be well,

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