6 Ways to Go from Blah to A-Ha!

In just 4 short days I will be gathering in Long Beach, California with a few thousand of my favorite and dearest friends and colleagues to attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® Mega Conference. I sat down today to savor this feeling of overwhelming gratitude and yes, sheer excitement, for this opportunity to spend an entire weekend surrounded by my incredible community!

I've been feeling a bit of the Winter blahs... Here are 6 sure-fire ways that Mega Integrative Nutrition® Conference weekend will shift me from blah to A-HA!!

1. RECONNECT - with my community

Last year in New York City I connected with so many new friends and many with whom I had only interacted virtually - over the phone, internet or Skype. I connected with so many classmates, alumni, speakers and even Coach Julia (our fabulous resource for all things Integrative Nutrition®) and Joshua Rosenthal, founder of  Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. Here I was, one of so many students, in such a large school in such a BIG city and do you know what Joshua said to me? He said, YOU are no longer alone. We are here to help you succeed. Wow! Needless to say I was blown away!

This coming weekend I'll have the chance to meet my amazing, supportive study group - in person for the first time. These women have swiftly become dear friends and I cannot wait to meet them in person! I am truly grateful for the deep lasting and personal connections I have built during my time with  Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN).

The energy at an IIN Live Event is extraordinary and contagious! (credit IIN)

2. REFRESH - my knowledge

In true-to-form IIN style this weekend IIN has assembled an incredible line-up of "West Coast Superstars" - the world's leading authorities on hot nutrition topics such as emotional eating, raw foods and Paleo Nutrition.  It's amazing to hear these experts share their enthusiasm and knowledge live and this is sure to be a highlight of Mega weekend's events. I am so grateful for this opportunity to refresh my knowledge!

Geneen Roth

David Wolfe,

Julia Ross 

Mark Sisson

Paul Pitchford

John Robbins

3. RE-ENERGIZE - my business

When I returned from my experience in NYC this Fall I felt a renewed enthusiasm for what I do. Fast forward just a few short months - when my original recipes were published in 2 magazines; I was featured on 2 local radio shows, my Facebook community was thriving and I had a wait-list of clients for the New Year! This weekend's Mega conference promises to offer plenty of opportunities to network and enhance our business. Two of the highlights - Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, masterminds of Holistic MBA, a program that revolutionized business and marketing training for health coaches - will be sharing their tips and tricks! I am grateful for successful, thriving coaches who are thrilled to share their secrets.

Exploring the town with IIN friends!

4. REUNITE - with my purpose

Last year in NYC was my first IIN live event. I remember wondering if I would know anyone, especially as I was travelling all the way from the West Coast, alone. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the first evening's event and immediately felt as though I had found my people! The experience at an IIN live event is extraordinary - there is nothing quite like the positive energy of thousands of happy, healthy, like-minded people gathered together in one place. I am grateful to be a part of this community of positive, local and global life-changers.


5. RENEW - my enthusiasm

I am constantly in awe of my fellow IIN students and graduates and the amazing ways each of us is contributing to positive change on a personal, local or global level. IIN has gathered a handful of these inspiring game-changers to share their experiences at Mega conference. For a steady stream of updates on everything related to Mega IIN conference weekend, you'll want to watch these VIP Bloggers:

6. RESTORE  - my intention of service

Seva means service and I am thrilled to be able to contribute and give back at Mega Conference. This year, I’m looking forward to spending my time connecting with even more of my IIN community as a volunteer at the Ambassador table. As you may have already heard me say, enrolling at IIN has been life-changing.  My experiences at IIN and my relationships with this community have acted as a catalyst - accelerating my success and enhancing my quality of life over the past 6 months! One of my personal role models and mentors, Seane Corn, an internationally celebrated yoga teacher,  activist and founder of Off The Mat Into the World, dedicated to empowering yogis everywhere to take their yoga “off the mat” to create real change in the world. I invite you to stop by the Ambassador table so that we can connect and share our stories in person! I am grateful for this opportunity to give back.

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I INVITE YOU TO connect with me and share your story of what brought you here. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO LIVE INSPIRED TODAY?

See you soon,

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