Eat with the seasons

Many of you have been asking about how resources for selecting seasonal produce - here is a list with some of my favorites. Remember that seasonal changes by region and climate (i.e. desert, coastal, mountain, etc.) so shopping at local markets will help you to get a feel for what is actually in season in your area.

I miss persimmons but I often dry them in order to make their short season last just a bit longer! Canning is a great option as well.

What are your favorites in season right now? Where do you find them?


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Apples, July through September (cold storage until spring)

Apricots, May and June

Arugula, September through May

Asparagus, March and April

Avocados, November through May

Basil, August through November

Blackberrries, May and early June

Blueberries, June and early July

Bok Choy, October through March

Broccoli, October through March

Broccoli raab, December through March

Brussels sprouts, December through March

Cabbage, January through April

Cantaloupes, June through August

Carrots, October through May

Cauliflower, December through March

Celeriac/celery root, January through April

Celery, January through April

Cilantro, October through May

Chard, October through May

Chiles, July through September

Clementines, December through March

Collard greens, October through June

Corn, June through October

Cucumbers, April through September

Dates, October and November

Edible Flowers, year-round

Eggplant, June through September

Fava beans, February and March

Figs, June through October

Garlic, February through July (stored year-round)

Garlic scapes/green garlic, February through April[/p]

Grapefruit, December through April

Grapes, July and August

Green beans, June through October

Green onions/scallions, October through March

Herbs, various year-round

Kale, December through May

Key Limes, October and November

Kohlrabi, December through March

Leeks, December through July

Lemons, December through April

Lettuce, October through May

Limes, October and November

Mandarins, December through March

Melons, June through August

Mint, year-round

Mushrooms (cultivated), year-round

Mushrooms (wild), winter and spring

Nectarines, May through July

New Potatoes, spring

Okra, July through September

Onions, April through July (stored in winter)

Oranges, December through March (may vary by type)

Oregano, year-round

Parsley, year-round

Parsnips, December through March

Peaches, May through August

Pears, September

Pea greens, March and April

Peas and pea pods, April through June

Peppers (sweet), July through October

Persimmons, Octoober through December

Plums & pluots, June through August

Pomegranates, September and October

Pommelos, December through March

Potatoes, April through October (available from storage year-round)

Pumpkins, August through November

Radishes, October through May

Radishes (daikon, watermelon, other large varieties), fall and winter

Raspberries, July through October

Rosemary, year-round

Rutabagas, December through March

Sage, June through December

Salsify, fall and winter

Shallots, August through October (from storage through winter)

Shelling beans, July through October

Snap peas/snow peas/pea pods, April and May

Sorrel, October through May

Spinach, October through May

Sprouts, year-round

Squash (summer), April through September

Squash (winter), August through December

Strawberries, February through April

Sweet Onions, March through June

Sweet potatoes, December through March

Tangerines, December through March

Thyme, year-round

Tomatillos, August and September

Tomatoes, May through November

Turnips, October through March

Watercress, year-round

Watermelons, July and August

Winter Squash, August through December

Zucchini, May through September

Zucchini Blossoms, May through July