Get Out of My Way












I am seriously jumping for joy!

Believe it or not, this is NOT about:

My new technology arriving (the new Ipad!) that will help tremendously and seamlessly with both my school work at Integrative Nutrition bit also with my client work.

My daughter's many fabulous milestones over the last week (all of which have been amazing, featured on KUSI with me, and memorable, representing her school on Einstein's birthday and winning recognition for her class).

The fact that I am finally and very gratefully healthy after a long and tough cold.

My nutrition school featuring me on their home page alongside the likes of David Wolfe and in a video highlighting many of the successful health coach role models and mentors whom I have looked up to. (although all of the emails and calls from friends and colleagues congratulating me blew me away!)

My entire family will be gathering in one of our favorite spots in Hawaii for a fabulous, warm, sunny, restorative vacation together in only a few weeks!

All of which are worthy reasons to feel truly grateful, blessed and yes, jump for joy...

So why am I jumping for joy?

Epiphany: I am getting out of my own way.

The last few weeks have taught me so many valuable and sometimes uncomfortable lessons about myself.

Example: I love to be in control and have everything just-so...which when you are terribly sick and needing to rest but refuse to go rest and give yourself what you need only makes things worse. Yup, I am owning it. That would completely be me.

News flash: You see while I am a life-changing, transformative health coach who empowers my clients to be their best selves, invest in their own lives and create daily rituals that stick, I am only human. In my own tender and passionate urgency to help others to be well and THRIVE I sometimes stumble, make mistakes and lose my own way.

In my own effort to respond to authentic and heartfelt calls and emails, attend all of my daughter's magic, coming-of-age 5th grade moments, post my blog, nurture my know...all of those little amazing, make-my-life-worthwhile and yet slightly demanding tasks that make up our day...I forgot that I could simply stop. I encourage my clients to ask for help, create a support team and willingly receive. I was so busy doing that I forgot to be.

The universe corrected my course, of course. The universe tends to send us VERY clear messages when we veer too far off our path. I caught cold, a nasty cold, the I-feel-like-I've-been-hit-by-a-truck type of cold. And no matter what I did, I didn't feel better. Until all there was left to do was rest and allow myself to feel supported. BING! Lesson learned.

I am getting out of my way!

My effort to control and plan and take charge of everything in my life had swiftly become my own greatest, most substantial obstacle - not only to my healing but to my wellness, my happiness, my success and my future. I am done making excuses for myself. I am holding myself accountable for taking care, walking my talk and receiving the amazing support that fills my life.

So for those of you who are currently struggling through this cold, please rest and allow us, your friends and your team, to support you. I am a giver by nature and by trade...but in order for me to give my best I MUST fill my own well.

And why am I jumping for joy?

Today I worked out. I worked hard. I sweat and I invested in myself and then I followed all of that hard work with a deliciously relaxing yoga practice and a satisfying, home-cooked meal. And it feels so amazingly good just to be back to feeling myself again....but perhaps with a bit more compassion (directed towards myself). As a result, I feel as though I'm appreciating all of this weeks events, just a little bit more deeply and thoroughly than before.

How do you get in your own way?

Be well all and Happy St.Patrick's Day!


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