Ways to Welcome Spring

"An optimist is the human personification of spring." Susan J. Bissonette




Over the last few days we have transitioned from Winter into Spring. The arrival of the Spring Equinox offers a time of natural balance, when solar and lunar forces are equal. This is a wonderful time to make positive changes to welcome this new season and shed the heaviness of winter.

I have just begun a nourishing cleanse to adjust my body, mind and spirit and transition myself into this new season. Already on Day 3 my energy levels feel more balanced, my body strong and my mind clear. This clarity is helping me not only in my practice and in motherhood, but also in my studies for nutrition school. We just hit our mid-term!

Simple daily rituals help to connect us back with our body and clear the way for Spring. Mine include yoga, meditation, daily physical activity and a nourishing cleanse.

I'm also incorporating more green, leafy and seasonal vegetables into my daily foods. Ever notice how our seasons offer us just the right foods at just the right time?

This is the perfect time to integrate an outdoor walk into our daily routine. With so much changing every day, this gives us an opportunity to connect not only with our body but back to the season and mother nature.

Little, mindful, consistent action each day, lead to BIG change.

I am feeling refreshed, inspired and lighter. Ready for Spring!


What daily rituals help to restore balance in your life?

What daily habits are holding you back that you will shed to welcome Spring?


I'll keep you posted on my progress with my cleanse. I'm a giver. I've made a commitment to Get Out of My Way - to welcome Spring and to refill my well and give back to myself so that I have plenty to offer.

Be well friends,

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