Clearing the Way for Great - Beginning Meditation


I recently participated in my second Chopra Center Meditation Challenge. Even though I have a regular, daily, meditation practice I have found it to be so helpful to be a part of these community challenges.

When I meditate, I find I am able to leave behind some of my mind’s restless, confused clutter - to a place of calm, strength and clarity. Often when I meditate I am left with a sense of expanding, openness and connection.

While I have the best intentions, even as a health coach I find I need accountability. As I offer support for my clients I find it very important to find sources to support myself to live by example. Meditating on a consistent, regular basis cultivates an inner calm and peace that lasts beyond the actual meditation. These challenges have helped to reset my daily practices and reconnect me to this valuable source of calm strength within my own day.

As I write this a friend in our community just asked a question about meditation and getting caught up in breath and the "rules." Getting started can feel daunting - especially when people tell you to clear your mind and envision a blank the way, neither of these worked for me at all!

Curious about incorporating meditation into your daily rituals? Here is a basic meditation exercise that I find useful to get me started.


(2-5 minutes - When you are beginning setting a gentle timer may help.)

  1. Sit in a comfortable position.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Starting from your head down, begin to soften and relax your muscles (eyelids, jaw, shoulders, hands, belly, feet).

  4. Now gently place your attention on the left side of your chest, the area around your heart.

  5. Breathe in and out naturally.

  6. Notice any feelings and sensations that arise and allow them to pass.

  7. If your attention wanders from your heart, gently bring it back.

  8. How you feel before and after this experience?

Add this meditation to your daily ritual at a regular time each day. Perhaps just after your wake-up or before bed. I find that after I workout or do my yoga asana practice is the best time for me to sit in meditation.

As you practice, you may find that another area of your body needs your attention or calls for your focus. Listen. I often find focus on the area between my eyes above the bridge of my nose (known as the third-eye center).

Keep a daily journal for ten days, listening and noticing everything that comes to you. Refrain from judging, Instead, simply allow these feelings and observations to rise to the surface.

After ten days take a moment to read your journaling. Healthy daily habits often encourage others to form. Once healthy habits start to flow, they build their own momentum and clear a path for greatness moving forward.

This one daily habit has literally transformed my life...It was after just such an exercise, that I made the decision to return to school and pursue my holistic health coach certification.

I have often found answers and knowledge bubbling to the surface during my meditations. Now when I am searching for clarity, I find I often return to my meditation practice to help me to relax, focus and allow the inner answers to flow. Clearing the way for great...

Let me know how your meditation practice is coming along! Don't worry if your mind still races or feels full, often times for me my mind slows but never completely clears. I simply feel a space between my thoughts. What do you feel? May peace and success be with you...

In Health & Gratitude,

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