Celebrating Celiac


Whew! Spring is already flying by...

May is Celiac Awareness Month and guess what? It's already May!

What will you do to celebrate living gluten-free and spread awareness about Celiac Disease?

It may seem strange to some to rejoice in my auto-immune condition, but honestly, my diagnosis was life-changing and a turning point that allowed me to take back my life, take personal responsibility for my health and embrace my future.

I spent precious years of my life struggling with undiagnosed health issues, chronic fatigue, painful, ugly and persistent skin issues, depression and a general feeling of malaise, followed by a long, painful misdiagnosis.

Me BEFORE diagnosis with Celiac Disease

At my best I was a strong, capable, successful Stanford graduate with a thriving career in Product Design. At my worst I was plagued by colds that seem to linger forever, a constant feeling of anxiety and over-tiredness, a delicate, anemic-looking body, embarassing acne and fine, brittle hair that refused to grow. My smile and my drive for work disguised a very unwell young woman who couldn't figure out what was wrong...

Today, I have much to celebrate in my own awareness of my auto-immune condition, my excellent health and my happiness!


Most of us have a turning point story, whether the change came in our health, our career or our mindset. Through this entire experience I was blessed with the opportunity to discover my passion for helping others navigate their own health challenges and turn diseases, disorders and restrictions into powerful, life-changing triumphs. The challenges and obstacles I experienced during my own health crisis helped me to find my life's work.

This May in honor of Celiac Awareness Month (CAM) our family will be cooking up  delicious, new Spring recipes - all gluten-free, of course! And I'm looking forward to dining out at JSix and a few of our local restaurants offering CAM menus and gluten-free specials. We will also honor all of those people who have suffered with undiagnosed auto-immune conditions, such as Celiac Disease and all of those people who continue live each day triumphing over these conditions.  Take a look at a few of these faces in a locally made video about those affected by Celiac.

In some parts of the country you can participate in Making Tracks for Celiacs events. Check here for details about events in a city near you. In fact, I hear that Jules of Jules Gluten Free has a team walking - so head on over to her Facebook page too find out more!

What one aspect of living gluten-free will you celebrate this month?

What one thing would make life easier for all of us living gluten free?

I invite you to share your turning point story with me. If you're still moving toward your turning point, let's start the conversation today!

Be well,

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Interested in celebrating Celiac Awareness Month? Below I've included a few of the many gluten-free events to look forward to this month as well as a few ways to get more involved in our local gluten-free community.

Know of another event? Please share information in our comments!

Join a local Raising Our Celiac Kids (ROCK) group. San Diego folks can email Becky for more information or search for groups in your area.

Improve your GF Cooking Skills at Great News! Cookware & Cooking School in Pacific Beach check for gluten-free classes in their Spring 2012 catalog.

Become a part of your local Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Chapter. San Diego CSA Meeting will be held Saturday, May 26, 2 - 4 pm at Rady's Children's Hospital Medical Building. The San Diego Celiac Sprue Association chapter is a support group open to all suffering from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Join a gluten-free live chat on May 3 at 11 am. National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) will kick off National Celiac Awareness Month with a 60-minute streaming broadcast featuring world-renowned experts on gluten-free disorders. Topics include defining celiac disease & non-celiac gluten disorders, the latest in gluten-related research, nutritional management & support. The broadcast is free, but you must register ahead of time.

Have a pizza party! Gluten-free pizza fans can enjoy a local Dining Out Event and fundraiser for the Celiac Sprue Association of San Diego on Thursday, May 3, from 5:30 - 7:30 at Mountain Mike's Pizza in the Clairemont Mesa area. Join local CSA members at this gluten-free Dining Out event. Enjoy GF Pizza, GF pasta/entrees, and GF beer (three kinds!) at one of San Diego's best GF friendly restaurants. All welcome.This will also be a fundraiser. Please mention CSA when ordering any time that day, and a portion of the bill will be donated to the local CSA group. RSVP to Kim Williams.

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