{Great News from Disney}

‎{Great News} On Tuesday, Disney announced: "it will ban all junk food advertising from its TV channels, websites and radio programs catering to children. Companies advertising food and beverages during Disney programming will be required to meet the Disney’s nutritional guidelines."

While many of my readers over at Live Inspired Today were thrilled with the news, others remained skeptical.

"While I'm thrilled to see this step in the right direction, I would like to know exactly what Disney's nutritional guidelines are." commented one of our community.

Here's a glimpse of what won't make the cut for ads: Capri Sun drinks, because they contain too much sugar; Kraft Lunchables, which have too much sodium; most sugary kids cereals — anything with 10 g or more of sugar per serving; many fast food chains may not meet the new advertising standards, even if they specifically create healthy kids meals, under the guidelines, a complete meal can have no more than 600 calories and a side dish no more than 200. There's still plenty of time to tweak these as the new advertising rules officially won't go into effect until 2015.

And will we see changes in the parks and resorts? Honestly, I feel that Disney has a decent track record in the parks, offering many healthy options including fresh fruit and vegetables...(and giant dill pickles:-). Last year we participated in the Disneyland Halloween celebration and I was impressed with the healthy alternatives available at every trick-or-treat spot - sliced apples, carrots and freeze-dried fruit. As a Celiac I know I've been pleasantly surprised traveling the parks and especially staying at the resorts...but there is PLENTY of room to improve. What would you do away with? What would you secretly want to keep (even if it's not nutritionally sound, but simply for nostalgia sake?)

I ♥ Disney! What are your thoughts?

Read more about Disney's latest strategic move here.

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