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Healthy eating at its best - hip, simple, fabulous! I am absolutely loving this make-at-home salad bar. Thanks for this idea from one of my dear friends and a fellow student at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Kristy at Fassio Fitness!

You'll be surprised at how super simple it is to set yourself up for a week's worth of healthy snacks and lunches! This took me about 20 minutes to chop and assemble - time well worth it because now all I have to do is assemble my healthy, quick, delicious snacks and lunches!

I love this system because it's easy for me to dedicate one day to prep ahead of time for a week's worth of snacks and lunches. We call this cook once and eat twice...but in this case we can get away with a few additional days.

Picky eaters? Us too! This is the perfect way to please everyone. Simple allow your kids, guests or family members to assemble their own salad.

Ready to get started? I've shared everything you need to create your own Home Salad Bar below.


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1 rimmed baking sheet or cookie tray, the rim helps to hold your mobile "salad bar" in place

5-8 storage containers with lids, I used glass, but whatever you have on hand will work - you'll need enough for each of your salad bar ingredients, unless you choose to mix them.

An assortment of your favorite fresh vegetables and salad greens. Add dried fruit or nuts and seeds if you'd like.


1. Set your baking sheet on the counter. Assemble your empty containers on top, arranging them in a way that they are snug and fit with their lids on.

2. Rinse and dry your produce - vegetables and greens.

3. Chop your selections - I gathered a few of my favorite nutrient-dense vegetables from our local Farmer's Market. I chose these vegetables not only for flavor but also for texture and color. I like to eat my rainbow and keep my food colorful to maximize the benefits for my body, inside and out.

4. Find a home in each storage container for your chopped vegetables and greens.

5. Once filled, cover the storage containers and slide into your refrigerator on the baking sheet. Voila! Each time you need a snack, lunch or quick pick-me-up, simply pull out your tray and you're ready to Eat Inspired Today!

What healthy eating tips keep you at your best?