This weekend I had the pleasure to lead a team for our local San Diego 2012 Yoga for Hope event. I created a team of friends, colleagues, health coaches and students and alumni from my own school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. We are proud to be recognized as one of the TOP 10 fundraising teams for this event!


We gathered together on an early, misty morning on the San Diego Bay, outdoors beside the Hilton Bayfront. ย This morning proved to be a heartfelt celebration of HOPE. We each honored those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses who strive to face these challenges with grace and hope. We remembered those we have lost. And we came together to support City of Hope in its efforts to provide compassionate care to those with life-threatening illness.

There is something truly magical about practicing yoga out-of-doors and reaching towards an endless, open, blue sky, rather than towards an enclosed ceiling. We practiced alongside hundreds of other friends, colleagues and strangers. We opened our hearts, minds and spirits to the power of HOPE.

We were led through a stunning bell ceremony - uniting and harmonizing our own individual sounds into one powerful voice of HOPE.


Several of my own friends, colleagues and local yoga instructors led us through poses set to live music alongside the San Diego Bay. Sharing her own personal journey of HOPE and story of her own cancer, Claire Petretti started us off in a gentle, awakening flow.



Next, Stacy McCarthy, Michael Fukumura and Bonnie Saldivar Jones. Accompanied by Steve Gold, Steve Hubbard guided us through a satisfying surrender and cool down. He encouraged us to listen closely to ourselves and what we need in this moment and to appreciate how much yoga we had already accomplished on this morning.

I want to offer a HUGE and heartfelt Thank You to each and every one of my friends, colleagues, and fellow health coaches and IIN grads who made this event possible for our team!

You can find our short video about our experience, the bell ceremony and Yoga for Hope here.

What brings HOPE into your life?

Be well,