Slamming On the Brakes!

This morning I went for a run and I decided to SLAM ON THE BRAKES!

I must have looked quite a sight as I stopped abruptly, stretched up on my tippy toes and inhaled deeply. You see, I'd been about to run past a few of my favorite flowers - Angel's Trumpet - a whole small tree bursting with these beautiful, scented blossoms. I just had to stop and take a long, deep breath. Forget my mile time, forget my schedule. That one deep, heady breath with stay with me for days...

I keep hearing the same feeling from clients, colleagues and friends -  its' hard to believe Fall is here and October is upon us! What happened to this year?!

As we transition seasons and yes, enter into the holidays, shortly, this is a perfect time to reflect on our pace. Are we living an urgent, frantic (in my case, urban) pace? Or are we mindfully creating a graceful pace for our loves?

After my run I slowed down, literally, sat on a bench and meditated. This practice helps me to shift gears and transition into my day. Here's a glimpse of my view from today's meditation spot.

Right now, in YOUR life, what is worth slamming on the brakes for?

What helps YOU to slow down and find you natural rhythm?

I hope you'll let us know and help us create a list of reasons and ways to slow down, stop and take a deep, DELICIOUS breath.

Be well,

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