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Today I had the pleasure of connecting with my Institute for Integrative Nutrition™ community at the IIN™ Live conference in New York City- The best part for me and my lifestyle - I never left the comfort of my own home in San Diego. I shared breakfast with my daughter, sat on my garden patio, enjoying a green smoothie and reconnected.

What a blessing technology is today - enabling me to feel this amazing, positive energy and reignite my passion for sharing healthy inspiration.

This is a powerful time for me - challenges, obstacles and opportunities abound - and surrounding myself with my amazing, supportive tribe is exactly what I needed. A few recent health issues have led me to meet with specialists and conduct, among other tests, a brain MRI yesterday. We're learning, evaluating and putting the pieces together to clearly understand my own health and what's going on in my internal's a terrifying, thrilling, disconcerting process to be on the other end of the client-patient relationship. I am soaking up this experience. I am determined to take with me everything I can from this.

Ultimately everything in our lives serves a purpose and, with your support, I am determined to make the most of this opportunity to rise above, heal and continue to grow, learn and serve.

One year ago, my attitude was starkly different. However with the strength, support and confidence I have gained over the last year, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED irrevocably and so has MY ATTITUDE. The last year has taught me, without a doubt, the power of doing MORE of what we LOVE.

When I first entered the IIN™ program it was a fantastic way to satiate my need for knowledge and information, to explore over 150 leading dietary theories and philosophies and to re-establish my own thriving, balanced and lasting wellness lifestyle. This year redirected my focused toward all things health, wellness and wholeness. Fast forward to this summer, when I received the Health Leadership Award and was interviewed about my own experiences with IIN™. As I watch the IIN™ Live conference today I reflect on the past year and the transformative power of that ONE DECISION - to enroll at IIN™. I wanted to share this interview with you today.

What inspired you to enroll at IIN?

After my own journey back to health, I felt compelled to help others navigate their own health issues and turn these challenges into powerful, life-changing opportunities. I truly believe that it’s never too late to switch paths or change directions and that small, consistent changes create big, lasting results.  I wanted to provide everyone with the tools to feel their best, look their best and perform at their highest potential.

Can you describe your experience at IIN?

My experience at IIN provided me with so much more than I expected. When I chose IIN I was primarily interested in the school’s progressive philosophy on bio-individuality and access to study with leading experts in nutrition and wellness from around the world. During the program, I quickly realized how vital the business and marketing components were - providing me with the tools to turn my deep passion for helping people transform their lives through nutrition and daily lifestyle changes into a thriving career. My health coach mentor together with my amazing study group, held me accountable and allowed me to share, explore and practice topics from the latest modules in a comfortable, one-on-one format. Another unexpected advantage of IIN has been the incredible community – creating a network of like-minded world changers – I feel challenged and supported and I never feel alone!

How do you feel about being awarded the HLA?

I am truly grateful. I am honored to receive this recognition for my work. I feel I have already received so much from IIN™ and this motivates me to continue to reach higher and think bigger!

What is your biggest accomplishment since graduating?

So much has transformed in my life, both personally and professionally, but these are what I consider to be my greatest accomplishments:

Personally: Honestly, I love what I do, I enjoy a wonderful quality of life, I have a thriving wellness business and I feel a delicious balance between my life’s work, my family and myself. This daily life that I look forward to each and every day is my greatest accomplishment. I feel proud and honored to do the work I do and I know that I am establishing a powerful role model for my daughter, my family and others to do the same.

Professionally: I am most proud of the connections I forge with my clients and my ability to help each of them to achieve their goals and ultimately change the trajectory of their health. I love sharing my step-by-step tips for making Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ meals in minutes and providing the tools to create an achievable lifestyle in which ANYONE can Eat Inspired Today™ and every day.

I believe that good nutrition and good business are honest and outcome-based. While the QUALITY of my life has drastically improved, I know that for many, the proof is in the quantitative results. After enrolling at IIN I have been honored with receiving requests for speaking engagements at local and national events with leading markets, corporations and athletic teams (including the San Diego Padres and the upcoming Healthy Living Festival). My recipes have been published in magazines including DiningOut and Edible. I have been featured as a thriving gluten-free athlete in a new book by Peter Bronski. I have been blessed to work with companies and organizations including Gaiam, Whole Foods Market, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, Celiac Sprue Association, nationally known restaurants, local leaders and global game-changers. I have been nominated for Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs and most recently I have received the Health Leadership Award. I have increased my private practice 10-fold and am enjoying offering more of my cooking classes and workshops. I do what I love and I love what I do.

Do you have advice for future health leaders?

Everyone has a story. Be proud of who you are and where you’ve come from. A big step in my own success was embracing MY unique qualities – everything from my engineering career to my background as a collegiate athlete to my own experience with a misdiagnosed auto-immune disease – and allowing my own personality to shine through in my work. Pull all of your unique qualities together and make your business and your message your own. I invite you to stop by and share your story with me: Live Inspired Today with Clea.

Are you ready to get yourself or your family back on track? Or are you excited to support and help others on their journey to wellness?

Are you on the fence of making these BIG life changes? Our concerns are valid and serve a purpose. Reservations are a great reminder that this is the real world and that we will have to work for our dreams. My own experience has led me to believe that when we feel passionately connected with our work, this journey and our daily work, comes more easily, (sometimes) effortlessly and in the long run is more rewarding.

What does this mean for YOU? Take a moment to connect back with your goals, your purpose and your passions. Intuitively, you will know if THIS is the right choice and the right fit for you. Often times, when we continue to revisit an interest, as I did with IIN™, it’s because we are drawn to some aspect of the program or the opportunities. I invite you to stop by and share with me - what about IIN™ and health coaching most excites and interests YOU?

Psst! Institute for Integrative Nutrition offers me select scholarships - if you're serious about making BIG changes in your life and career, connect with me!

Wishing you abundant health, joy and success!


P.S. I truly appreciate the power of your prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts. Thank you all!


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