Urban Oasis - A Glimpse of Our Garden

We've been posting our festive Fall recipes and Hip, Simple, Fabulous™ dishes, all celebrating this time of year!

Often I'll mention that I've picked something fresh from my garden, added a pinch of herbs or tossed in the latest ripe, seasonal vegetables. In the early spring through summer our urban oasis is filled with peaches, apricots, 2 varieties of lemons, oranges and much more.

Many of you have requested a glimpse of our garden. While I often play, weed, plant and work with my coaching clients within this sacred space, I have rarely photographed it.

Much like the homes we live in, this environment becomes second nature and sometimes, it takes this solid, focused documentation to truly help us to appreciate the wonder of our surroundings. This weekend, during the full moon, it was my utter pleasure to stroll through our urban oasis, document and feel gratitude for this beautiful, serene space that we have created amidst the bustle of our thriving, Southern California city.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


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