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Clea Shannon was always a passionate food lover. When she was diagnosed with celiac disease she feared her passion for healthy, delicious, satisfying food would have to be compromised.  Clea’s desire to eat responsibly for her individual health condition led her to investigate the opportunities to eat thoughtfully for her community. Clea’s reading of authors such as Michael Pollam, Eric Schloser, Wendell Berry and Jill Richardson created the foundation for her curiosity about mindful, satisfying and inspired eating.

As a new parent, Clea suddenly felt the burden of responsibility to make responsible, satisfying food choices for her family. Gaining an understanding of the complexity of making simple, daily choices about food: How to create a delicious balanced meal? What matters most: organic or local? What about gmo foods? How to create tasty treats despite food allergies, sensitivities and health conditions?

While establishing her own family’s inspired eating habits, Clea truly discovered her love for all things food.  Her thorough knowledge, delicious sense of pairings, experience recognizing patterns, identifying opportunity gaps and talented sense holistic balance has established her as one of the most skilled and talented in her field.

With Clea’s extensive background in fitness, nutrition and research, her work for print has appeared in various local and national publications. Clea’s true passion is to help create delicious, balanced, wholesome food “every day.” Clea’s services give people the confidence to EAT INSPIRED.

With her knack for identifying patterns and redefining habits, her extensive knowledge of nutrition, brands and the “delicious balance” for every body, Clea knew that she would be able to help others to eat and feel fabulous.

Eager to share her personal dream of eating inspired, Clea developed her vision into her own unique aspect of her wellness business - as a Health Coach and Functional Nutrition Educator. And so, Eat Inspired Today was launched.

Clea continues to empower individuals and families by creating an urban pantry that nourishes the active lifestyle, balances the demands of modern living, delights the taste buds and satisfies the desire to live and eat a life inspired.