Thank you so much for the workshop at Whole Foods last Friday.  My daughter, Danielle, and I bought our stuff and made the quinoa & the fusilli dish the next day and me, my husband and Danielle ate it all up!  It was so good!  I was so touched by your passion for helping all of us in the room learn to be more healthy and I really appreciated how easy going, friendly and approachable you were to all of us. Please add me to your mailing list for future events.  My daughter is heading back to Chicago in a few days and she is so excited that she is able to take a few amazing gluten-free recipes home with her.
All the best,


Wow! It's great to hear you are doing well and thriving. You are so incredibly talented and smart that is no wonder that your business is blossoming.

Patrick, 10News


You are so sweet. I am really enjoying having your support and advocacy as I make this transition and learn how to care for myself and my new daughter.


Congratulations on your super informative seminar! Our customers also loved your store aisle tour. The evaluations were virtually all 5’s (the best!).

Ray, Whole Foods Market



So helpful!




Please make this a regular seminar and coordinate recipes with seasons and produce availability.

Rebeka, Corporate Wellness Client

I am so grateful I participated in your 6 month program. You gave me loads of choices even with my multiple health issues – Sugar free, dairy/casein free/ soy free, Feingold, enzymes & digestion, probiotics,  GF breads/baking, cross contamination…wow! I learned so much and better yet I feel AMAZING!




We loved your level of excitement, enthusiasm and spark that you showed our community. Thanks for sharing your passion for all things nutrition with us!

Stephanie,  Corporate Client

Clea is Wonderful! Eat Inspired is a fantastic, dynamic organism contributing so much goodness to the world. I am glad to know her, be a part of her programs and know she will be a terrific force for wellness in the world.




Wow this is great! We had so many callers on our radio show talking about Gluten and whole health! Thanks Clea for your informative and interactive show.

Gary, 90.3 Radio



Thanks so much Clea for all of your efforts in pulling this together and for teaching such a wonderful and informative class! Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon!
Thanks again,

Julie, Whole Foods Market



What great news! Thanks for coming out to teach a class at this store. It was such a great turnout!

Hilary, Whole Foods Market



It was a great event! I was thrilled with the way it turned out. There were plenty of samples and you gave a ton of great info.

Chassie, Whole Foods Market



Thank you so much, Clea. You have been an advocate for my health and I feel myself transforming. I’m in the best health of my life! I feel so much energy and excitement about my future.
Many Blessings,




Your energy has been such a wonderful addition to our space.

Gabi, The Wellness Center



Thank you! Great show lots of information for the listeners.

Susan, Weight Matters



It was delightful to meet and talk with you today. Not only is it wonderful to commune with a like-minded person but also to feel like I can learn new things from you. You are such an information resource for me!




I can’t wait for your book! Your recipes are our family favorites!

Mary Jo



From my first session I could tell that my life and health were about to change for the better. Clea is radiant herself and lives what she is teaching.




A kind and vibrant expert in her field who knows what motivates her clients and what keeps them achieving their goals. I have referred so many of my own patients, friends and family to her all with the greatest of success.

Dr. Teresa



Clea’s energy and attitude are contagious! My coaching sessions are an instant pick-me-up and I’ve lost all of my baby weight and met my goals.




Clea helped our family make the change to a Gluten and Dairy-Free diet after our youngest was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I honestly didn’t have any idea what to cook for him as he is so picky. Clea helped us find new favorites and solutions to old stand-bys that all of us enjoy. I can’t believe what a difference even the last month of session has made for our family! Thank you.




Wow! I had no idea how much I was doing to sabotage my own goals. In my first complimentary call with Clea she already found 3 clear ways for me to improve my health, my sleep and my energy levels.




I was so grateful when I met Clea. She has helped me to figure out new and fun ways to mix up my meals and snacks and to feel better through the foods I put in my body.




I have lost 21 pounds and feel the best in my whole life! I’ve been diagnosed Celiac for many years but never really felt that great – even though I ate Gluten-Free. In the first 2 session Clea already had me feeling better than ever. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see how I feel in 6 months!




We have a mixed family with gluten-free and wheat eaters. Clea helped us to set up our kitchen in a way that makes me feel safe and keeps me healthy. My skin issues have gone away and I enjoy being in my own kitchen again.




We had so many obstacles to diagnosis and then I was overwhelmed when I tried to shop for my newly diagnosed Celiac kids. Clea walked us through our own store and helped us find meals and prep strategies that work for us. It would have taken me YEARS to figure this out on my own.

Rachael and Mark